Testimonials from the guys:
There is something to learn from every one of the staff members. There are guys that show us proper work ethic, guys that show us how to face our struggles, and guys that show us how not judge each other and accept everyone for who they are and where they are coming from and to look past people's flaws and focus on their strengths.
He speaks to us with a true heart and shows us how to speak to each other with respect so we can connect on a much deeper level
Build is all about building healthy relationships with great people. We create friendships with people that we can look to for support and care whenever we need them.
Everyone is given equal love and attention and they expect from us each according to our own levels and place in life. We go on trips together and we behave like a large family which is something I didn't really get in my life. When we're together we sit down for "family dinner". It's amazing!
I like that I am able to work hard, while being able to learn and chill all at the same time.
I get a spiritual uplifting, to learn how to make a good connection with other people and I learn responsible work ethic. Build gives us skills to be able work in the future. They instill us with healthy work habits, teach us a trade, teach us how to work well and communicate with others. Every drop of sweat only makes me us want to work harder in Project Build. What we gained in Project Build will stay with us forever.
I think Project Build is the best Summer program ever created. It has the perfect balance between learning, working and having fun. We walk away from work every day feeling productive and having a strong sense of accomplishment while working with a really great group of guys and building solid relationships with younger guys, older guys, or staff. Whoever it may be it is a real relationship that we will carry with us well into our future.
Project Build gives me an awesome place to go to when I come back from E"Y with learning, great chills and amazing Chevra. I honestly would have a hard time coming back to Baltimore in the summers if Project Build wasn't in existence. With out this program I would have spent my first summer home from Israel working in a secular day camp with a lot of secular people and a lot of destructive after camp activities. I don't know where I would have been if I did t spend that summer in this program. I know I definitely wouldn't be where I am today. I thank G-d every day for Project Build.
This program was created for me and 4 other guys 5 summers ago. Every summer I know that when I get back from Israel I will have a home to fall right back into.